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About VTB Capital Investment Management

VTB Capital Investment Management is one of the key business divisions of  VTB Capital, VTB Group’s Corporate Investment Business.
Our unparalleled reputation, a growing international presence and an award-winning team of investment experts enables us to remain the leading Russia-focused Investment Management business. We offer institutional investors a wide range of top-grade investment solutions through our Asset Management and Venture Capital platforms.

Our main products and services include the management of open-end and close-end funds; investment fund advisory; discretionary managed accounts; as well as real estate, pre-IPO and venture capital vehicles.

USD 57 bn as of 30 September 2021. Firm AUM is comprised of discretionary assets under management (USD 17 bn), assets under advisory (USD 1.5 bn), and brokerage (USD 38.5 bn)..

The goal of our asset management team is to be Russia’s leader in the management of discretionary managed accounts, pension funds, corporate and private assets invested in the securities market, as well as in our domestic and overseas investment funds.

The Portfolio Management Division has been operating under the VTB Group brand since 2006 and focuses on the following activities:

  • Management of over 20 Russia domiciled and 2 overseas open-end funds
  • Management of 9 ETFs, the largest product line in Russia
  • Management of Russian domiciled closed-end funds
  • Full discretionary and advisory service capabilities
  • Asset management for institutional accounts, such as private pension funds, insurance companies, endowment funds & indemnification funds, family offices, HNWI, sovereign wealth funds, nonprofit organizations and compensation funds of self-regulatory organizations. 

Management of a portion of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

The Alternative Investment Division focuses on the following activities:

  • Management of Russian domiciled and overseas venture funds
  • Management of Russian domiciled and overseas real estate funds
  • Direct co-investments and co-investment programs
  • Management of Russian domiciled pre-IPO funds

Moscow-based Research Team
Our thorough research process is one of the cornerstones of VTB Capital Investment Management. A dedicated research team provides in-house modeling to generate financial projections and fair value estimates for traded companies. Global economic and capital market research helps shape our investment strategies and decisions.
Headquartered in Moscow, both portfolio managers and analysts are in the midst of current events. Regular meetings with companies ensure a timely and comprehensive assessment of current operations and management quality. These factors are important as analysts and portfolio managers play an active part in every phase of our investment process.

Risk Management
We take the trust of our investors seriously. Therefore, we pay very close attention to the importance of risk management. Our main goal is to achieve the highest yield while stringently controlling risk. Our expert teams utilize the vast resources of the division as well as advanced technological solutions to closely monitor and minimize portfolio risk.

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