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Our Advantages

Client-focused Business Principles

Since the formation of VTB Capital Investment Management, we have focused on three steadfast principles of investment management: understanding the needs of our clients, outstanding investment performance, and consistent reliability. Today, we continue to adhere to these fiduciary commitments, as they have become the core of our business.

We sincerely value our clients. We, therefore, pay close attention to their needs in order to provide with dedicated market insight that focuses on Russia and the CIS, as well as first-class services and investment capabilities that few other Russian firms can match.

Russian & CIS Market Expertise

VTB Capital Investment Management has significant expertise in generating positive returns in a variety of asset classes in emerging markets (especially in Russia and CIS) including sovereign debt, distressed credit, equities, currencies and commodities. Our investment professionals have strong emerging market investment experience and are experienced in navigating through numerous market cycles and various political and macroeconomic upheavals.

Some of the key advantages over our competitors are derived from our 5P approach – process, people, portfolios, programs, and practices – which gives us the informational advantage as a leading institution in Russia with the largest team of dedicated, Russia -focused researchers and portfolio managers.

VTB Capital Investment Management has the ability to identify and profit from niche EM investment opportunities where inherent, exploitable market inefficiencies exist.

Comprehensive Product and Solution Capabilities

We have more than 35 investment management professionals who provide over 25 different Russian and CIS strategies. The Investment Management division offers a full spectrum of asset classes including equity, fixed income, structured products, real estate, private equity and venture capital investments.

  • Equity management — our experienced equity investment professionals provide international and sector strategies with a variety of risk/return profiles.
  • Fixed income management — our fixed income professionals offer choice for our clients and provide international, high yield and emerging markets capabilities.
  • Real estate investment — strong real estate investment management experience in the public and private markets, as well as investing in assets across different sectors with a strong focus on Russia and CIS.
  • Venture capital — experience providing venture capital fund products, which focus on investing in early-stage, cutting-edge technology with global deployment potential. Products include a pre-IPO Fund – closed-end investment fund for qualified investors with the capacity of up to RUB 10bn in NAV.
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