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Portfolio Management

VTB Capital Investment Management offers wide range of investment options, including open-end investment funds, closed-end funds, managed accounts for high net worth individuals, investment solutions for Russian pension funds, endowment funds, insurance companies and corporations, as well as an international platform for accredited international investors.

VTB Capital Investment Management’s award winning Portfolio Management Business has over 35 front office seasoned professionals headquartered in Moscow with dedicated sales staff in Hong Kong, Dubai, Frankfurt and Geneva. We take the management of our clients’ assets very seriously and insist on gaining a firm understanding our clients’ investment goals and restrictions. We thoroughly monitor fund portfolios to ensure compliance to the fund’s regulations, fund-specific investment restrictions and objectives as stated in the prospectus. We believe that our on-the-ground presence, research (500+ company visits annually), vast local market experience, and dedication to compliance and risk management sets us apart from our competitors.

Investment Solutions for Institutional Clients
Institutional clients are one of VTB Capital Investment Management’s key segments. Our client list includes over 30 largest pension funds, insurance companies and endowments in Russia, making us a top asset manager for Russian institutions.

VTB Capital Investment Management offers sophisticated financial solutions to:

  • Private & State Pension Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Endowments & Indemnification Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fund of Funds

VTB Capital Asset Management has agreements with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to participate in the management of the funded part of the work pension. As of the end of 2017, VTB Capital Investment Management became Russia’s largest endowment and private pension fund manager. In 2018, Expert RA, Russia’s top credit rating agency ranked VTB Capital Investment Management # 1 among Russian asset management companies in terms of AUM. In 2019, VTB Capital Investment Management was selected as the best asset manager in Russia as part of Europe Banking Awards 2019.

International Strategies Platform
VTB Capital Investment Management’s most recent business line is an international strategies platform catering to international institutional investors. The investment team places strong importance on a diversified and fundamental stock selection process, while focusing on liquidity and preservation of capital. The actively managed strategies offer accredited investors exposure to undervalued Russian and CIS equity and fixed-income markets.

Discretionary Managed Accounts
Individual investment portfolios are a combination of several investment strategies that follow a specific investment policy statement. Strategies are selected so as to achieve maximum expected return based on the given level of risk while taking into consideration additional restrictions required by investors, including the Investment Profile. Client assets are invested in accordance to each strategy and use specified strategy weights within the established limits of the investment policy statement. Investors always have the option to make adjustments to their investment program during the course of the investment management process. The list of basic strategies includes: UCITS Equity and Fixed Income funds, Alpha Equities, Mid- & Small-Cap Equities, TOP10 Global ideas, Balanced Income, Fixed Income, BRIC, Structured Notes, Customized Strategies and Dividend Income.

Structured Assets (Closed-end Funds)
Investors have an alternative way to diversify their investments. They may choose to invest through alternative investment opportunities, which are not associated with the stock market. Such investments may have different potential yields and levels of risk. One type of alternative investment is a closed-end fund (CEF).

With the help of a CEF, project and real-estate developers are able to fulfill a variety of objectives:

  • Structuring and securitization of assets, including real estate and land
  • Establish venture funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds — offering a wide variety of investment objectives and asset structures
  • Attract external investors to carry out various projects
  • Ensure the protection of the business and assets

Retail Investment Funds
Open-end investment funds are highly suitable investment products for most private investors. VTB Capital Investment Management offers a diverse line-up of 20 Russia-domiciled and 2 Luxembourg-domiciled funds with varying investment strategies. The company offers: money market fund, bond funds (including GEM fund and Eurobond fund), hybrid funds, index fund, diversified equity funds (including Global Dividends, BRIC as well as Russian sector funds), and commodity fund.

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