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Domestic investment funds

Open-end Investment Funds

Open-end investment funds are very suitable investment products for most private investors. VTB Capital Investment Management offers a diverse line-up of 20 investment funds with varying investment strategies, including investments in foreign assets. The funds include: money market fund, bond funds, hybrid funds, index funds, diversified equity funds (including a BRIC strategy fund and commodity fund) and equity funds focused on specific sectors of the Russian economy. 

Closed-end Funds

Investors, wanting to diversify their investments, can invest through alternative investment opportunities, which are not associated with a stock market. Such investments may have different potential yields and levels of risk. One type of alternative investment is a closed-end fund (CEF). With the help of a CEF, project and real estate developers are able to accomplish a variety of their objectives:

  • Structuring and securitization of their own assets, including real estate and land.
  • Establishment of venture funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds; which offer a wide variety of investment objectives and asset structures.
  • Attract outside investors to carry out various projects.
  • Ensure the protection of the business and assets. 
Our key funds results 2019:

  • The "VTB - Treasury Fund" voted best Fixed Income Fund for 2018 – NAUFOR.
  • The “VTB - Oil&Gas Sector Fund” voted best Equity Mutual Fund for 2018 – Investfunds Awards.
  • VTB Capital Investment Management flagship funds were in top quartile among peers and outperformed appropriate benchmarks      

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