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Interview by Vladimir Potapov, Chief Executive Officer of VTB Capital Investment Management for Xinhua

Jun 22, 2016

The interest of Chinese investors in Russia assets will grow  

Chinese investors are very active in diversifying their asset in overseas markets, and Russia is definilty a place that underweight a lot, that’s why the grow interest to its assets is expected in Russia, - said Vladimir Potapov, Chairman of the Board of VTB Capital Investment Management.

“We found that Chinese investors are very active in diversifying their asset in overseas markets in the last few years, and Russia is definitely a place that underweight a lot, so we are expecting the grow interest to Russia assets” -  Vladimir Potapov said in an interview for Xinhua at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“Many investors are not familiar with the investment opportunities in Russia and thus underweight Russia in their global asset allocation.  We believe Russia assets, with its attractive valuation currently, its appealing yield and strong fundamental versus other emerging countries, will suit for clients who would like to seek potential great return in the long term”, - he added. 

Vladimir Potapov mentioned that Asia has always been an important strategic place for VTB Capital Investment Management. “In order to expand international business and to serve Asian clients better, we have recently hired an experienced local sales to our office in Hong Kong.  We have been actively developing relationships in Asia for the last two years with large institutional investors, SOEs and distribution partners. A number of MOUs and distribution agreements have already been signed and more are coming”, - he said.

The growing partnership between Russia and China is very important and essential to the economies of both countries, V.Potapov considers. “The massive investments that China is making in Russian infrastructure will drive trade between the two countries for decades to come further cementing the relationship and integration of Russia with the broader Asian economic region.  Investments in Russian markets will become a more common concept for Asian investors and we will be there to help”, - said Vladimir Potapov. 

Chairman of the Board of VTB Capital Investment Management believes that Russia is leveraged trade on the commodity cycle, and commodity will be one of the main levers of growth of the Russian market. “Russia with this enormous territory comes vast natural resources.  Many Asian investors understand the need for hard assets and investments in natural resource sectors”, - he said. 

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