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Vladimir Potapov, Chief Executive Officer of VTB Capital Investment Management, took part in a round table on strategic management and motivation in state-owned companies

Nov 25, 2014

On November 20 the Expert Advisory Board of the Federal Property Agency with the support of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University held a roundtable discussion on strategic management and motivation in state-owned companies.

Invited to participate in the roundtable were members of supervisory boards and heads of major state-owned companies, government representatives, NGOs, think tanks and investors. Attending the event were Olga Dergounova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development — Head of the Federal Property Agency, Oleg Fedorov, Advisor to the head of the Federal Property Agency, Victoria Semerikova, Head of Corporate Technology of the Federal Property Agency and Ilya Lomakin-Rumyantsev, Head of the Committee for the Privatization of Large State-owned Companies for the Expert Advisory Council of the Federal Property Management Agency.

The main issues submitted for public review included: the use of Federal Property Management Agency guidelines for the development of key performance indicators (KPI) for state-owned companies; the relationship KPI systems for motivation and approaches to motivate companies with state participation; practical tools to implement incentive programs.

During the event, special attention was drawn to the practical implementation of special tools in medium- and long-term incentive programs, an overview of which was presented by Vladimir Potapov, Chief Executive Officer of VTB Capital Investment Management. In his report, Vladimir Potapov also spoke about the benefits and risks of these programs and the most cited examples of current programs to encourage management, both in private and public companies in the Russian Federation.

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