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Natalia Plugar, General Director of VTB Capital Asset Management took part in the fourth Baikal Venture Fair

Nov 26, 2014

From 20 to 21 November the fourth annual Russian Venture Fair was hosted in Irkutsk by the Russian Venture Capital Association.

Natalia Plugar participated in the Venture Fair, leading the panel of judges entrusted with the selection of the best companies interested in attracting investments for business development. Award selection took place in two stages. First, the panel of judges selected the semi-finals of the company that produced a full-time presentation of the concept of the product, project or service. The second stage included presentations and a Q&A session. In the first and second rounds each member of the commission was given an individual assessment of the companies and projects.

Russian Venture Fair is an international platform for discussion and the exchange of experiences with like-minded professionals, united by the desire to contribute to the development of future technology, and find entry points for direct investment and venture capital. Participants at the fair are traditionally representatives of the largest venture capital funds, private equity funds and development institutions, investment companies, technology experts, successful entrepreneurs, managers and owners of international corporations and private companies. This year particular interest was shown by representatives of Asian companies interested in developing promising new businesses.

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