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Real Estate and Alternative Investments

In addition to traditional discretionary management and advisory services, VTB Capital Investment Management offers closed-end Real Estate and pre-IPO funds for international investors with an interest in alternative investments. AUM of Real Estate structured asset funds is close to USD 1.9bn. AUM of our venture funds is USD 80m.

Real Estate

The Russian real estate market is fundamentally undersupplied and, therefore, has one of the greatest growth potentials in the world. VTB Capital Investment Management is one of the key business divisions of VTB Capital, VTB Group’s Corporate Investment Business. VTB Capital Investments offers an excellent platform to access the Russian real estate market, combining vast track record, strong local presence, international institutional investment standards and long-standing relationships with key market players both in private and public sectors.

Alternative Investments

A spike in geopolitical risk in 2014 forced a number of Russian companies to postpone their IPO plans. Currently, there are a number of good-quality pre-IPO projects. However, we see a shortage of professional investors working in this niche.
Our pre-IPO Fund is in the high-dividend / moderate risk segment. The risk-return ratio is better than for traditional VC and PE deals. The risks are lower because projects are mature, have a working business model, and are closer to the liquidity event. 

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