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Our Approach

We provide smart money to extraordinary Russian entrepreneurs across the world to build global stories of success. 

About us

  • We are the leading Russia / CIS-based venture firm
  • Member of the DFJ Global Network
  • First venture fund launched in 2007
  • Over US$ 350 ml assets under management in venture funds
  • Placed the first venture IPO in Russia (OJSC RNT, MICEX, 2010)
  • 35 portfolio companies
  • Offices in Moscow and Menlo Park, CA

Investment Focus & Strategy

  • We leverage on the talent and ingenuity of Russian entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers with our ability to establish arms-length supervision of the business operations coped with the access to the vast Russian/CIS hi-profile network of VTB Capital
  • We invest in ideas and technologies that change the face of their industry and the world around us
  • Our key sectors of interest are global IT/ Internet / digital media, Russian / CIS e-commerce and breakthrough innovations in high-tech
  • We appreciate syndication with other VCs and strategic investors
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